About Us


Who We Are

INVESTOR UNITED is a small group of individuals together lead by the investor united team to identify extremely high return based real estate for flip or development.

We like to have positive impact on the economy as a whole and benefit


Together–the investors, and partners of Investors United we are reinventing real estate investing end-to-end.

Our goal is to focus on the market which mainly forgotten by the main stream high end developers and investors, but these real estate areas are hidden potential. We always follow progress and projects, and our team identifies greater investment opportunity in the most emerging markets.

Our returns has been great for our investors so far. We believe that United we strive and together we prevail.


Deliver the best online real estate investing experience and make it easy for individual investors to diversify their portfolios.

With direct access to a range of vetted and quality commercial real estate opportunities as well as residential. Investors United gives investors the ability to diversify their portfolio with the 3rd-largest asset class in our country. Emerging and high paced increasingly developing markets. Our goals are to reach the areas where our team of investors together with INVESTOR UNITED- can shape the market and we tap into high rise and larger developments ourselves. We grow together and we stay UNITED.